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Horticulture Courses

HORT 102 Introduction to Cultivated Plants (.pdf)
HORT 113 Introduction to Vines and Wines (See VE 113) (.pdf)
HORT 150 Science and Art of Growing Plants (.pdf)

HORT 202 Crop Growth and Development (.pdf)
HORT 231 Landscape Plant Materials I (now part of 330)
HORT 232 Landscape Plant Materials II (now part of 330)

HORT 310 Pomology (.pdf)
HORT 313 (VIT ENOL 313) Viticulture
HORT 320 Olericulture (.pdf)
HORT 321 Olericulture Laboratory
HORT 322 Fruit and Vegetable Harvesting and Processing Technology
HORT 330 Landscape Plants for Urban & Community Environments
HORT 331 Landscape Plant Installation and Management
HORT 332 Interior Plantscaping
HORT 340 Nursery Management
HORT 341 Nursery Management Laboratory
HORT 346 Landscape Irrigation Systems
HORT 350 Food Systems in Western Washington (.pdf)
HORT 351 Plant Propagation (.pdf)
HORT 357 Greenhouse Management and Crop Production (.pdf)
HORT 358 Greenhouse Management and Crop Production Lab (.pdf)
HORT 399 (VIT ENOL 399) Professional Work Experience

HORT 409 (VIT ENOL 409) Seminar in Viticulture and Enology
HORT 413 Advanced Viticulture
HORT 416 Advanced Horticultural Crop Physiology
HORT 418 Postharvest Biology and Technology (.pdf)
HORT 421 Fruit Crops Management
HORT 425 Future World Trends and Horticultural Impact (.pdf)
HORT 435 Chemistry and Biochemistry of Fruit and Wine
HORT 444 Plant Breeding I
HORT 445 Plant Breeding
HORT 480 Plant Genomics and Biotechnology (.pdf)
HORT 488 Anatomy and Physiology of Grapevines and Berries
HORT 495 Research Experience
HORT 499 Special Problems:  Fall 2016 – Wine Chemistry and Analysis (.pdf)

HORT 503 Advanced Topics in Horticulture – Fall 2017 – Intro to Data Analysis in Systems Biology (.pdf)
HORT 509 Seminar
HORT 510 Graduate Seminar
HORT 513 Advanced Viticulture
HORT 516 Advanced Horticultural Crop Physiology
HORT 518 Postharvest Biology and Technology
HORT 521 Fruit Crops Management
HORT 535 Chemistry and Biochemistry of Fruit and Wine
HORT 550 Bioinformatics for Research
HORT 600 Special Projects or Independent Study
HORT 700 Master’s Research, Thesis, and/or Examination
HORT 800 Doctoral Research, Dissertation, and/or Examination

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University of Idaho Coop Plant Science Courses open to WSU students:

PLSC 340 Nursery Management
PLSC 341 Nursery Management Lab
PLSC 451 Vegetable Crops
PLSC 490/590 Potato Science
PLSC 510 Invasive Plant Biology
PLSC 533 Plant Tissue Culture Technique
PLSC 547 Biometrics/Plant Scientists