Variety block – around 500 varieties!! (after all are planted in the future)
2021 Fruit sale in Covid Times. No general public entry allowed in building
Pears in lower portion of the image (D’Anjou and Bartlett), with small berries higher up the hill and temporarily some ornamental plants .

Horticulture Center

A teaching, research and extension orchard at Spillman Farm and the Tukey Orchard
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Our Mission and Purpose

The orchard at the WSU Pullman Horticulture Center is for members of the local campus or others to do teaching, research, and/or extension work. If we have surplus fruit or vegetables that will not be used for teaching, research, or extension projects we sell the surplus produce to the general public and apply that money to our operations funds.

Interested in Using Our Orchard?

Fill out a Farm Use Request Form (.pdf)

Orchard Location

The Horticulture Center is located at the WSU Spillman Farm at 1452 Johnson Road.

Horticulture Center location
Horticulture Center location in Google Maps
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Funds donated to the Ronald B. Tukey Memorial Fund go for immediate needs of the Horticulture Center.

Funds donated to the Ronald B. Tukey Memorial Endowment will increase the endowment used to sustain the Horticulture Center.

Fruit Sales at the Horticulture Center

Fruit sales at the Horticulture Center run seasonally; typically every Friday and Saturday from late-September to Thanksgiving, then on Fridays through January. We will also open in the summer for cherry and berry sales. Click on an event to see more details about what species and varieties we currently have available. Check out our Events Page for all upcoming events at the Horticulture Center.

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