An abundance of food is grown in the Columbia River Basin
Plants grown by the Horticulture Club

About Us

The WSU Department of Horticulture program is among the top programs in the U.S. Together with their students, our faculty members are driving biological discovery and practical applications using our strengths that include breeding, genetics and genomics, bioinformatics, biochemistry, and physiology.

WSU Horticulture provides undergraduate and graduate education and research opportunities. Horticulture faculty contribute to a broad group of WSU plant science research projects that are contributing to increase productivity, sustainability, and innovation. WSU’s plant science programs are among the most productive in the nation.

Our department has faculty strategically positioned at the main WSU campus in Pullman, WA and at our four research and extension centers in the state:

Map of Washington with pins indicating WSU horticulture locations

Our faculty provide research, teaching, and extension with the goal of training the next generation of plant science experts. We work with a wide range of horticultural crops that, according to the Washington State Department of Agriculture, directly contribute more than $4 billion dollars to the state economy.

The Department of Horticulture is in the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences, WSU’s biggest college, adding to the breadth and depth of opportunities for students to learn, collaborate, and innovate. Known locally as CAHNRS (pronounced Caw-Ners), you can learn more about the College by visiting the CAHNRS website.