Teaching Molecular Lab

The Department of Horticulture maintains approximately [need dimensions] square feet of molecular laboratory space dedicated for hands-on experience in laboratory techniques for students interested in the AgBioscience and AgBiotech fields.. The space includes [need details about what’s in the lab]

Teaching Supported by the Lab

Woman in a lab coat working at a microscope records her observations in her lab notebook.

Hort 418 – Postharvest Biology and Technology

Provides hands on experience in the techniques and measurements for commodity quality, respiration, and storage.
Brunette, white undergrad wearing a white lab coat at a lab bench separating plantlets grown in tissue culture

Hort 430 – Plant Molecular and Cell Biology

Introduces and enhances the students experience in how molecular techniques assist in the understanding of plant phenotype though gene expression and cell ontology.
Biologist holding tray with seedlings

Hort 399 – Professional Work Experience,

Hort 495 – Research Experience

Hort 499 -Special Problems

Provides research mentoring and experience for students interested in exploring plant molecular biology in areas of their interest and bolstering their laboratory experience.

More Information

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