HORT 495 – Research Experience

Brunette, white female undergrad wearing a white lab coat at a lab bench separating plantlets grown in tissue culture
Justene Deubel, working on a research project while an undergrad in the LNGM major.

Horticulture 495 enables undergraduate students to get involved with hands-on field or laboratory research and to work closely with individual faculty mentors. The course is aimed at providing students the opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty mentors within and across departments and gain a more in-depth understanding of literature reviews, experimental design, implementation, and interpretation of research. Students are required to complete an approved final project summarizing their research at the completion of each semester.

Students must meet with the research supervisor before registering for Hort/Crop_Sci/Soil_Sci 495 and complete the research agreement and a research plan (see below). To receive approval for enrollment into Hort/Crop_Sci/Soil_Sci 495 submit a completed research experience agreement and research plan to the instructor for the course.

Pre-enrollment Requirements

Course Assignment Information

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