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Graduate Faculty

Graduate faculty can serve as advisors for graduate students. Faculty are located across the state: at the Pullman campus, the WSU TriCities campus, and at the four Research and Extension Centers.






Jacob Blauer

Associate Professor

Potato Physiology

Ph. (509)335-6647

Stephen Ficklin

Associate Professor

Systems genetics

Ph. (509) 335-4295

Dorrie Main

Professor and Interim Chair


Ph. (509) 335-2774

Cameron Peace


DNA-informed breeding for tree fruit

Ph. (509) 335-6899


Tom Collins

Assistant Professor

Grape and wine chemistry

Ph. (509) 372-7515

Mount Vernon

Lisa DeVetter

Associate Professor

Berry crop production and physiology

Ph. (360) 848-6124


Per McCord

Associate Professor

Stone Fruit Breeding & Genetics

Ph. (509) 786-9254

Matthew Whiting 


High efficiency orchard systems, applied whole-tree physiology

Ph. (509) 786-9260



Lee Kalcsits

Associate Professor

Tree fruit physiology

Ph. (509) 293-8764

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Carolina Torres

Associate Professor

Tree fruit post harvest physiology

Ph. (509) 293-8808

Non-Graduate Faculty

Non-graduate faculty do not serve as graduate student  committee major advisors.

Research Faculty

Sook Jung, Associate Research Professor,

Focus area:


G.N. Mohan Kumar, Associate Research Professor,

Focus area: Potato physiology/biochemistry, plant propagation, nutraceuticals


Sara Serra, Associate Research Professor,

Focus Area: Tree Fruit

Teaching Faculty

Carol Kawula

  • CS/HORT 102:  Introduction to Cultivated Plants
  • HORT 330: Landscape Plants for Urban and Community Environments
  • HORT 331: Landscape Plant Installation and Management


Jamie Holden

  • HORT 150: The Art and Science of Growing Plants [BSCI]
  • HORT 357: Greenhouse Management and Crop Production
  • HORT 358:: Greenhouse Management and Crop Production Lab

Emeritus Faculty

  • Ahmed Ahmedullah
  • Andy Anderson
  • Preston Andrews
  • Leonard Askham
  • Bruce Barritt
  • Don Elfving
  • John Fellman
  • Bill Hendrix
  • Larry Hiller
  • Rita Hummel
  • Willy Iritani
  • Eugene Kupferman
  • N. Rick Knowles
  • Fenton Larsen
  • Ginny Lohr
  • Ray Maleike
  • Patrick Moore
  • Bob Norton
  • Max Patterson
  • Mack Roberts
  • Larry Schrader
  • Bob Thornton


Cheryl Rajcich

Administrative Manager

Adē Snider

Academic/Internship Coordinator