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R. B. Tukey Horticulture Orchard

This orchard is here in Pullman for members of the local campus or others to do teaching, research, and/or extension work. Those are our top priorities. If we have surplus fruit or vegetables that will not be used for teaching, research, or extension projects we sell the surplus produce to the general public and apply that money to our operations funds.

Orchard Produce

Already Picked Fruit Sales 2nd New and Final Location!
Our new and permanent sales location is in our beautiful new crimson building at Spillman Farm.  The address is 1452 Johnson Road.  Directions to get there from the HWY 270 and Bishop Blvd. intersection are to turn onto Bishop Blvd.  At the second left off of Bishop Blvd. turn left onto Johnson Road.  Drive 2 miles on Johnson Road.  Just past the 2 mile marker turn left onto the Spillman Farm driveway.  Take the first right and go up the hill to our building on top of the hill.
Fuji, Gala, Jonagold and Rome Apples
= $1.35/pound for less than 20 pounds
= $1.00/pound for 20 pounds or more
Golden and Red Delicious Apples
= $1.00/pound for less than 20 pounds
= $0.75/pound for 20 pounds or more

Apple sales begin again Friday and Saturday January 11 & 12. 

We will continue January sales as long as we have good fruit and enough clients showing up to make it worth while.  Stay tuned for updates as we feel out this new scenario!!

Sorry but all of our pear trees and the entire apple varieties block were removed this year so we do not have any pears nor any of the other fun and unusual apple varieties that we used to have.  We do hope to grow pears and more apple varieties at our new Tukey Orchard location at Spillman Farm.  We plan to have our winter sales at the Spillman Farm location in November and December.


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Donate to our new orchard (see links below).

Give toward immediate needs

Funds donated to the Ronald B. Tukey Memorial Fund go for immediate needs of the Tukey Orchard.
Give toward long-term needs

Funds donated to the Ronald B. Tukey Memorial Endowment will increase the endowment used to enhance the Tukey Orchard.

General information about fruit sales

Typically, we have a fruit sale in the middle to end of July for sweet cherries for 1 to 3 Fridays and Saturdays depending upon crop volume. Our fall fruit sales usually begin some time in September with our fall crop of apples.

Alternative produce sources

To locate other sources of pick-your-own produce and sustainably-grown food, visit the following websites:

A cherry orchard

Orchard Location

Our location will be changing to the WSU Spillman Farm which is 2 miles down Johnson Road off of Bishop Boulevard. We will plant a new orchard on that site. For the 3-5 years while the new orchard grows we will continue to farm at the current location with trees that are still on WSU owned land but we will have a different access road.

Our previous entrance at the intersection of Terre View Drive and Airport Road will be closed some time this spring or summer as airport runway construction continues and takes over this entrance area. A new entrance will be a shared road with other WSU Facilities that will not be accessible to the general public.

Interested in Using Our Orchard?

Fill out a Farm Use Request Form (.pdf)

Contact Us

Deb Pehrson, Farm Manager
(509) 335-6700

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