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Horticulture Club

Do you want the chance to earn while you learn? The Horticulture Club provides opportunities for students to participate in plant production, plant sales, workshops, service activities, and social events. Students who join earn a Horticulture Club scholarship based on participation. Plants produced by the Horticulture Club are sold to the public during plant sales, which includes our Mom’s Weekend plant sale.

All students interested in horticulture are welcome to join!

2016-17 Officers

President: Evan Stowe

Vice-President: Emma McGinty

Treasurer: Brooke Mills

Secretary: David Gunkel

CAHNRS Representative: Connor Buckley

PR/Marketing: Deah McGaughey

Greenhouse Managers:

  • Tymon James
  • Cody Dean
  • Brook Mills
  • Zack McArthur
  • Emma Steele
  • Aaron Appleby
  • Deah McGaughey