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U-Pick & Already Picked WSU Tukey Orchard Fruit Sales

This is the 2nd to last U-PICK so get them soon if you want to pick your own.

Fri Oct 20 open 12:00-6:00pm
Sat Oct 21open 10:00am-4:00pm

This week you can pick Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Rome apples or buy them already picked!
We will still have already picked plums, apples and Bartlett pears up to Thanksgiving Break.

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Cash or Check ONLY please.

U-PICK is ONLY in October so only 2 weeks left!
  • $0.75/pound for U-Pick
    • varieties available are Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Rome Beauty Apples
 Already Picked Apples, Pears and Plums thru November and December.
  • $1.00/pound for McIntosh & Golden Delicious Apples
    • if greater than 20 pounds of one variety price discounted to $0.75/pound
  • $1.00/pound for Bartlett pears
    • if greater than 20 pounds price discounted to $0.75/pound
  • $1.35/pound for Gala & Jonagold Apples
    • if greater than 20 pounds of one variety price discounted to $1.00/pound
  • $1.25/pound for unusual varieties of apples or pears
    • if greater than 20 pounds of one variety price discounted to $1.00/pound
    • available apple varieties = Berry Red, Blackjon, Blaze, Cortland, very small Cox Orange, Earligold, Fameuse Snow, Hawkeye Greening, Harlason, Jonathon, NJ83 (aka Summer Splendor), Mutsu, Opalescent, Prime Gold, Spitzenburg, Stark Splendor, Starr, Sungold, Tompkins King, Tydeman’s
    • available pear varieties = Abate Fetel, Comice, Honesweet, Packham’s Triumph, Red Bartlett, Seckel and some very small Asian pears
  • $1.50/pound for plums
    • if greater than 15 pounds of one variety price discounted to $1.00/pound
  •  $0.45/pound for juice apples or pears
    • juice apples or pears are fruit that are small or have some physical imperfection but are still useable for juice, sauce, baking or dehydrating.

SORRY but no apricots or peaches this year

Wood Chips for Barbeque 

  • $0.50/pound
    • Wood chipped into smaller irregular pieces from apple, pear and cherry wood harvested from the orchard

We only accept cash or check for payment. Please feel free to recycle your clean shopping bags with us to carry your fruit. We are located at the junction of Terre View Drive and Airport Road.

Tukey Orchard Description

This orchard is here in Pullman for members of the local campus or others to do teaching, research, and/or extension work. Those are our top priorities. If we have surplus fruit or vegetables that will not be used for teaching, research, or extension projects we sell the surplus produce to the general public and apply that money to our operations funds. On site we have 83 varieties of apples; 11 varieties of pears; 6 varieties of sweet cherries; a small stone fruit variety block with tart cherries, 11 peach varieties, 8 apricot varieties, 3 prune varieties and 2 nectarine varieties; 3 strawberry varieties; and 20+ varieties of cane berries. All these fruit plantings are on about 10 acres total. In addition, our site also houses the 3-acres that are certified organic.

General information about fruit sales

Typically, we have a fruit sale in the middle to end of July for tart and sweet cherries for 1 to 3 Fridays and Saturdays depending upon crop volume. Our fall fruit sales usually begin some time in September with our fall crops; primarily, apples and pears. The highlight of our apple sales is the 83 varieties of apples from our variety block. Twenty of the 83 cultivars are different strains of Red Delicious, including the original Standard Red Delicious.

Our location

WSU Tukey Orchard, 3334 Terre View Drive, Pullman, WA

Our entrance is at the intersection of Terre View Drive and Airport Road (put this description in your GPS locator, not our address). Coming from the intersection of State Highway 270 and Airport Road that is closest to Pullman you would drive 1.25 miles north on Airport Road to the Tukey Orchard entrance on the right (east) side of Airport Road.

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Contact us:

Deb Pehrson, Farm Manager 509.335.6700

To locate other sources of pick-your-own produce and sustainably grown food, visit the following websites:

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