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Lisa Wasko DeVetter

Assistant Professor, Small Fruits

Contact Info

WSU NWREC Mount Vernon
16650 State Route 536
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
Office Phone: 360.848.6124

Areas of Interest

  • Whole-plant physiology of small fruit crops in response to alternative management systems designed to optimize plant productivity, fruit quality, and on-farm efficiencies while maintaining the health of adjacent natural resources within the diverse conditions of Washington State and greater Pacific Northwest
  • Crops of focus: raspberry, blueberry, strawberry.

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Horticulture, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • M.S., Horticulture and Soil Science, Iowa State University
  • B.S., Horticulture and Biology, Iowa State University

Selected Publications

Research Papers

  • DeVetter, L.W., S. Watkinson, I.A. Zasada, J.E. Weiland, and T.W. Walters. 2018. Effectiveness of non-tarped broadcast fumigation and root removal on root lesion nematode and Fusarium and Pythium species in a red raspberry system. Plant Health Prog. doi:10.1094/PHP-01-18-0006-RS.
  • Rudolph, R., T. Walters, L.W. DeVetter, and I.A. Zasada. 2018. Contribution of a winter wheat cover crop to the maintenance of Pratylenchus penetrans populations in the raspberry production system with management considerations. HortTechnology. 28(2):182-188.
  • Rudolph, R.E., I.A. Zasada, C. Hesse, and L.W. DeVetter. 2018. Brassicaceous seed meal, root removal, and chemical fumigation vary in their effects on soil quality parameters and Pratylenchus penetrans in a replanted floricane raspberry production system. Soil Ecol.
  • Arrington, M. and L.W. DeVetter. 2018. Increasing honey bee hive densities promotes pollination and yield components of highbush blueberry in western Washington. HortScience 53:191-194.
  • Gallardo, K., E. Stafne, L.W. DeVetter, Q. Zhang, C. Li, F. Takeda, J. Williamson, W. Yang, R. Beaudry, B. Cline, R. Allen. 2018. Blueberry producers’ attitudes toward harvest mechanization for fresh market. HortTechnology 28:10-16.
  • Arrington, M. and L.W. DeVetter*. 2018. Floral morphology differs among new northern highbush blueberry cultivars. J. Hortic. 5:1.
  • DeVetter, L.W., H. Zhang, S. Ghimire, S. Watkinson, and C.A. Miles. 2017. Plastic biodegradable mulches reduce weeds and promote crop growth in day-neutral strawberry in western Washington. HortScience 52:1700-1706. Cover article.
  • Miles, C., L.W. DeVetter, S. Ghimire, and D.G. Hayes. 2017. Suitability of biodegradable plastic mulches for organic and sustainable agricultural production systems. HortScience 52:10-15.

Extension Reports