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Sara Serra

Assistant Professor (NTTF)

Sara Serra

Contact Info

Phone: 509-663-8181

Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center (TFREC)
Washington State University
1100 N. Western Ave.
Wenatchee, WA 98801


Sara is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Horticulture at WSU working in Stefano Musacchi’s research program. She joined WSU in August 2013.

She previously worked as a Post Doc fellow at the University of Bologna, Italy, where she earned her Ph.D. in Fruit Tree Science and Forestry and Landscape Ornamental Agro-systems (2009) and her M.Sc. in Agricultural Biotechnology (2004).

Her research experience is primarily with tree physiology, orchard management and fruit quality on several fruit trees: sweet cherry, apricot, peach and especially apple and pear.

Sara integrates field projects management proficiency with laboratory expertise, such as molecular biology, micropropagation, and proteomics techniques. She is author of several journal publications in both Italian and English.

Areas of Interest

  • Orchard management
  • Training systems
  • Rootstocks and cultivar evaluation
  • Light interception and light quality
  • Productive habitus
  • Fruit sorting, quality and ripening
  • Dry matter and non-destructive techniques to assess fruit quality
  • Graft-incompatibility
  • Saline stress