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Cameron P. Peace


(WSU faculty member since 2006)

Cameron Peace

Contact Info

Office: Johnson Hall 39
Phone: 509.335.6899
Lab: Vogel PBS 20
Phone: 509.335.5298

Areas of Interest

  • DNA-informed breeding for tree fruit: turning promise into reality
  • Co-Project Director for $14.4 M SCRI project RosBREED: Enabling Marker-Assisted Breeding in Rosaceae
  • Team Leader for Marker-Assisted Breeding Pipeline Implementation and key member of Breeding Information Management System, Pedigree-Based Analysis, Genomics, Genotyping, and Extension Teams
  • Leader and founder of the Washington Tree Fruit Genotyping Laboratory, (Pullman, WA)

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Horticultural Genetics, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
  • Bachelor of Horticultural Science, University of Queensland

Teaching Responsibilities

  • HORT 495/503 – Special Topics: Fruit Breeding for the New Millennium

Program Personnel

  • Terry Rowland, Genetic Screening Technician for the Washington Tree Fruit Genotyping Laboratory
  • Sujeet Verma (PhD, 2009–2013) – Graduated; now at Univ. of Florida, strawberry genetics & breeding
  • Sushan Ru (PhD, 2012–2015)
  • Paul Sandefur (PhD, 2013-2016)

Selected Publications

Sandefur, P., Clark, J.R., and Peace, C. 2013. Peach texture. Horticultural Reviews 41:241-302.

Chagné, D., …(18 other authors)…, and C. Peace. 2012.  Genome-wide SNP detection, validation, and development of an 8K SNP array for apple. PLoS ONE 7(2):e31745.

Verde, I., …(21 other authors)…, and C. Peace. 2012. Development and evaluation of a 9K SNP array for peach by internationally coordinated SNP detection and validation in breeding germplasm. PLoS ONE 7(4):e35668.

Peace, C., …(12 other authors). 2012. Development and evaluation of a genome-wide 6K SNP array for diploid sweet cherry and tetraploid sour cherry. PLoS ONE 7(12):e48305.

Peace, C.P. and Norelli, J. 2009. Genomics approaches to crop improvement in the Rosaceae. Ch. 2 in: Genetics and Genomics of Rosaceae (Eds. K. Folta and S. Gardiner), Springer, pp 19-53.

Peace, C., Ming, R., Schmidt, A., Manners, J., and Vithanage V. 2008. Genomics of macadamia, a recently domesticated tree nut crop. Ch. 13 in: Genomics of Tropical Crop Plants (Eds. P. Moore and R. Ming), Springer, pp 313-332.

Various RosBREED Newsletter articles