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Linda Chalker-Scott

Associate Professor and Extension Specialist

(WSU faculty member since 2004)

Contact Info

Office: WSU-Puyallup
2606 West Pioneer
Puyallup, WA

Phone: 253.445.4542
FAX: 253.445.4571

Area of Interest

  • Urban horticulture – woody landscape plants, restoration horticulture

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Horticulture (minors in Biochemistry & Botany), Oregon State University (OSU)
  • M.S., Marine Biology, OSU
  • B.S., General Biology, OSU

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Guest lectures, WSU and University of Washington

Program Personnel

  • Irena Neffeova, MS (2011-2013)

Selected Publications

Chalker-Scott, L. 2012. Protecting water resources: planting and caring for home wetlands.  WSU Extension Fact Sheet.

Gillman, J., L. Chalker-Scott, H. Scoggins and B. Cregg.  2011.  A successful multi-institutional blog for transferring garden and landscape information to the public. Journal of Extension.

Chalker-Scott, L.  2010.  The Informed Gardener Blooms Again.  University of Washington Press, Seattle, WA.

Chalker-Scott, L.  2009. Sustainable Landscapes and Gardens:  good science – practical application GFG Publishing, Yakima, WA.

Chalker-Scott, L.  2008.  The Informed Gardener.  University of Washington Press, Seattle, WA.

Chalker-Scott, L.  2007.  Impact of mulches on landscape plants and the environment – a review.  Journal of Environmental Horticulture 25(4): 239-249.

Chalker-Scott, L.  2002.  Do anthocyanins function as osmoregulators in leaf tissues?  Advances in Botanical Research 37:103-127.

Reichard, S., L. Chalker-Scott and S. Buchanan.  2001.  Interactions among non-native plants and birds, pp. 179-223.  In:  J. Marzluff, R.A. Bowman, and R. Donnelly (eds.), Avian Ecology and Conservation in an Urbanizing World, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, MA.

Chalker-Scott, L.  1999.  Environmental significance of anthocyanins in plant stress responses.  Invited review, Photochemistry and Photobiology 70:1-9.