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Horticulture Research Proposal Posters

Welcome to Hort 503 – Research Communications Research Proposal Posters

Please, take a moment to review each poster and then leave feedback using the google form linked below. This year, the posters are stored in OneDrive.  Responses will be compiled and provided to each presenter.

Hort Expo Schedule


Weixan Gan
Huan Zhang
Yue Qing
Katie Taylor
Suzanne Allee
Michelle Reid
Raquel Gomez
Erica Casagrande Biasuz
Deah McGaughey



Alex Cruz
Colton Thurgood
Garrett Lattanzio
Layton Ashmore
Ioan Gitsov
Abigail Attavar
Pink Devi
Yao Mu
Danni Fox
Tyler Williams