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Hort 509 / 510 Seminar Series

Thursdays, 2:55 – 3:45 PM

Pullman – Johnson Hall 204

Mount Vernon – Annex East

Puyallup – K109

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Questions?  Contact Dr. Stefano Musacchi

Syllabus: Check Canvas course space

Photo of apple tree in bloom

Seminar Schedule – Spring 2022

Dates and Speakers

Abstracts, when available, are accessible by PDF by clicking on the talk title.

January 13 –  Welcome, Course Introduction

January 20 – Guest speaker: Francesco Di Gioia, Penn State University. Title: Advancing sustainable vegetable production systems using an integrated research and extension approach.

January 27 – Guest speaker: Leonardo Lombardini, University of Georgia. Title: I never signed up for this – How did I go from studying plants to managing people.

February 3 – Galeni Soares Rafael, Marcella, Postharvest Systems for Organic ‘Honeycrisp’ and ‘Fuji’ Apples

February 10 Guest speaker: Lisa DeVetter, Washington State University. Title: Pollinating blueberries: Trials, triumphs, and bee stings 

February 17 – Aidan Kendall, Resource Conservation in Cider Apple Production

February 24 – Shrestha, Srijana, New Crops and Production Techniques for Northwest Washington

March 3 – May Wang, Soil-Biodegradable Plastic Mulch in a Double Cropped Strawberry and Lettuce System and Implications on Splash Dispersal of Gray Mold.

March 10 – Guest Speaker: Gennaro Fazio, Cornell University. Title: Novel Apple Rootstock Technologies – Beyond Dwarfing and Precocity.

March 17 – NO CLASS, Spring Break

March 24 – Todd Einhorn, Michigan State University. Title: Passion fruit: a pomological journey from seed to mature vine 

March 31 – Bailey Hallwachs, Physio-anatomical and Ultrastructural Perspective of Red Blotch – A Relatively New Virus Disease of Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.)

April 7 – Evan Fritzke, Canopy and Irrigation Management Effects on Grape Acidity

April 14 Alejandra Feliciano, Using functional distance for selection of species in invasion-resistant wildflower seed mixes

April 21 – Guest speaker: Hans Walter-Peterson, Cornell Cooperative Extension. Title: The trials and tribulations of running a successful extension program

April 28 – Guest speaker: Jacob Blauer, Washington State University. Title: Industrial Research Perspectives