College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences

Department of Horticulture

Virginia I. Lohr

(WSU faculty member since 1984)

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Areas of Interest

  • Impact of climate change on urban trees
  • Impacts of plants on people
  • Environmental horticulture

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Plant & Soil Science, University of Tennessee
  • M.S., Horticulture, New Mexico State University
  • B.A., Psychology, Swarthmore College

Work Experience

  • Taught statistics at The University of Tennessee
  • Taught horticulture at New Mexico State University
  • Managed garden centers in Colorado
  • Served as the first intern at the Scott Arboretum at Swarthmore College

Teaching Responsibilities

Selected Publications

Kendal, D., C. Dobbs and V.I. Lohr.  2014.  Global patterns of diversity in the urban forest: Is there evidence to support the 10/20/30 rule?  Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 13(3):411-417.

Lohr, V.I.  2014.  Climate change literacy in post-secondary horticultural education in the United States.  HortTechnology 24(1): 132-137.

V.I. Lohr and Relf, P.D.  2014.  Chapter 31:  Horticultural science’s role in meeting the need of urban populations, p. 1047-1086.  In:  G.R. Dixon and D.E. Aldous (eds.).  Horticulture – Plants for People and Places. Springer Science & Media, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

Lohr, V.I.  2011. Greening the human environment: The untold benefits.  Acta Horticulturae 916:159-170 (XXVIII International Horticultural Congress, Invited Colloquium).

Polakowski, N.R., V.I. Lohr, and T. Cerny-Koenig.  2011.  Survey of wholesale production nurseries indicates need for more education on the importance of plant species diversity.  Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 37:259-264.

Lohr, V.I.  2010.  What are the benefits of plants indoors and why do we respond positively to them?  Acta Horticulturae 881:675-682 (Invited Paper).

Lohr, V.I. and C.H. Pearson-Mims.  2008.  People’s response to discomfort in the presence of interior plants or art.  Acta Horticulturae 790:173-178.

Lohr, V.I. and C.H. Pearson-Mims.  2006.  Responses to scenes with spreading, rounded and conical tree forms.  Environment and Behavior 35:667-688.

Lohr, V.I., C.H. Pearson-Mims, J. Tarnai and D.A. Dillman.  2004.  How urban residents rate and rank the benefits and problems associated with trees in cities.  J. Arboriculture 30:28-35.

Lohr, V.I. and C.H. Pearson-Mims.  1996.  Particulate matter accumulation on horizontal surfaces in interiors:  Influence of foliage plants.  Atmospheric Environment 30(14):2565-2568.

Virginia LohrOffice: Johnson Hall 101
Phone: 509.335.3101

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