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New Horticulture class offered Fall 2015

HORT/AFS 350 – Food Systems of Western Washington

(3-Credit Online Course; Prerequisite: CROP SCI/HORT 102; ECONS 101; SOIL SCI 201.)

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The class will provide students with an understanding of the regional food system that characterizes western Washington.  We’ll take a farm-to-table approach in our structure. More specifically, we’ll focus on elements pertaining to: 1) the farm (i.e., climate of western Washington, soils, farming systems, planning for a successful business, crop production, on-farm infrastructure, etc.); 2) to (i.e., transport of horticultural crops/products to consumers through the distribution chain); and 3) table (i.e., sourcing and utilizing local foods from the perspectives of end users).  The course will feature many guest speakers that are experts in this field, including (but not limited to) growers, distributors, food aggregators, experts on food policy, and end-users.

Assignments will include completing 10 hours of service learning at an approved location within the student’s geographic area, complete an E-journal about their service learning experience and how it contrasts to western Washington, reading and responding to questions related to the class book, Rebuilding the Community Food Shed (by Philip Ackerman-Leist), engage in online discussions related to class content, and complete a class project whereby students will have to provide a comprehensive review of how a food product got to its final state to be utilized by an end user (i.e, growing, harvesting, storage, transport, processing, value-adding, marketing, etc.).  The class will be available exclusively through Blackboard this year.

The syllabus for AFS/HORT 350 can be viewed here: Western Washington Organic Horticulture Production syllabus

More information about Dr. DeVetter can be found here: Dr. Lisa Wasko DeVetter

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