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Horticulture Research Proposal Posters

Welcome to Hort 503 – Research Communications Research Proposal Posters

Please, take a moment to review each poster and then leave feedback using the google form linked below.  Responses will be compiled and provided to each presenter.

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Stefan Roeder

New Potential Pollinizers for Apple Orchards – Stefan Roeder

Sarah Kostick

Identifying Sources of Fire Blight Resistance and Associated Heritable Loci in Apple – Sarah Kostick

Nadia Valverdi

Response of ‘Honeycrisp’ and ‘Gala’ Apple Trees to Heat and Water Stress – Nadia Valverdi

Margaret McCoy

Assessing Sprayer Technology in Washington Vineyards – Margaret McCoy

Khaled Hesaien

Assessing the Resistance of Red Raspberry Genotypes to Phytophthora root rot – Khaled Hesaien

Garret Stahl

Stomatal Conductance for Precision-irrigation in Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) – Garret Stahl

Francisco Gonzalez

Updating Irrigation Crop Coefficients (Kc) for Potatoes Grown in the Washington State’s Columbia Basin – Francisco Gonzalez

Daylen Isaac

Evaluating the Impact of Different Sources of Biochar on Different Genotypes of Tomato – Daylen Isaac

Adel Almesmari

Promoting the Sustainability of Crop Production: Fertilization with Compost Tea – Adel Almesmari


2:00pm Instructors

2:10pm Garret Stahl

2:30pm Paco Gonzales

2:50pm Daylen Isaac

3:10pm Adel Almesmari

3:30pm Khaled Hesaien

3.50pm break

4:00pm Sarah Kostick

4:20pm Stefan Roeder

4.40pm Nadia Valverdi

5.00pm Margaret McCoy

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